Welcome to Mature Gamers Network!

An adult based community, we strive to cut out the drama and create an adult atmoshpere for you, and offer you the best gaming experience we can provide!

Upcoming Games

MGN has started on it's first game production. Check out the demo when it comes out, we are excited so you should be too!

Rewards Program

Mature Gamers Network is offering a new rewards program! Get rewarded with VIP, Moderator and even Admin on servers and more! Everybody wants their cake!


Welcome to mature Gamers network!

Well as lame as the name might sound, we offer you kick ass servers for your enjoyment. We strive to be badass at what we do, and how we do it. Get your game on in any of our servers and see how much attention to detail we put in them!



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News on the upcoming VN game Breach.

Demo Availabile: TBA

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Mental ward RP (Currently Down)


Think your crazy? Try this server out. Fast paced, scary, and full of blood, this Garry's Mod roleplay server is not for the faint of heart.

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Gmod Online (ETA: TBA)


Fast paced and GTA based, this server will give you that GTA feel with a slight RP aspect. (Currently in Development.)

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Child safe serverS (Currently DoWN)


Safe multiplayer gmod server for children. Password Protected and Moderated. For access, see the forums.

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Anything you need to know about VIP, how to get it, how to keep it, and especially THE RULES.



The motor that keeps MGN running. Learn how to become part of MGN.





We have a open door concept, learn who you should go to incase of an issue.



You should look at this BEFORE you donate for VIP, Admin or ANYTHING.

quotes About our community

The Child Safe Server is awesome, as a mother of 3 it is hard to allow my children on any multiplayer game. Seeing a server dedicated for just children is simply awesome!!!


Once upon a time there was a community, it was named Mature Gamers Network. It was the best. The end.